Interface EthereumOperator

    public interface EthereumOperator

    this is the protocol to define the common behaviours of the EthereumOperator, it provides the basic operations of the EthereumKeystore, you can create your own Ethereum Operator by implements this interface

    • Method Detail

      • signMessage

         abstract Unit signMessage(String contractAddr, EthereumKeystore keystore, String password, String signOriginal, Function2<String, Error, Unit> completion)

        Sign the message with Ethereum keystore

        contractAddr -
        • Contract address, this should be a valid Ethereum wallet

        keystore -
        • EthereumKeystore object, this represents a standard Ethereum Keystore file

        password -
        • password for the keystore

        signOriginal -
        • the message to sign with

        completion -
        • when sign message finished, it calls back to tell the result of signing, or the error with the failing reason

      • verifyPwd

         abstract Unit verifyPwd(String pwd, EthereumKeystore keystore, Function2<Boolean, Error, Unit> completion)

        verify the password of the EthereumKeystore

        pwd -
        • password string

        keystore -
        • EthereumKeystore object, this represents a standard Ethereum keystore file

        completion -
        • when check finished, it calls back to tell weather the password is correct or not, or the failing reason if it failed

      • generateKeystore

         abstract Unit generateKeystore(String pwd, Function2<EthereumKeystore, Error, Unit> completion)

        create a new EthereumKeystore with password provided

        pwd -
        • password for the new EthereumKeystore

        completion -
        • when creation finished, it calls back to give the details of the new created keystore, or the error with failing reason

      • changePwd

         abstract Unit changePwd(EthereumKeystore keystore, String oldPwd, String newPwd, Function2<EthereumKeystore, Error, Unit> completion)

        change password for the EthereumKeystore, and returns the new EthereumKeustore with that password

        keystore -
        • original EthereumKeystore

        oldPwd -
        • old password for the keystore

        newPwd -
        • new password for the new keystore

        completion -
        • when success, it calls back to tell the new generated EthereumKeystore, or the error with failing reason