Class HGEthereumOperator

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public final class HGEthereumOperator
     implements EthereumOperator

    Default implementation of the EthereumOperator

    • Constructor Detail

      • HGEthereumOperator

        HGEthereumOperator(JSWebView jsWebView, ViewGroup attachedView)
        Create Default EthereumOperator, this needs attach to an existing view in the hierarchy to make it working
        jsWebView -
        • a webView that provides basic functionality to operate EthereumKeystore

        attachedView -
        • a ViewGroup object to hold the jsWebView

    • Method Detail

      • signMessage

         Unit signMessage(String contractAddr, EthereumKeystore keystore, String password, String signOriginal, Function2<String, Error, Unit> completion)

        Sign the message with Ethereum keystore

        contractAddr -
        • Contract address, this should be a valid Ethereum wallet

        keystore -
        • EthereumKeystore object, this represents a standard Ethereum Keystore file

        password -
        • password for the keystore

        signOriginal -
        • the message to sign with

        completion -
        • when sign message finished, it calls back to tell the result of signing, or the error with the failing reason

      • verifyPwd

         Unit verifyPwd(String pwd, EthereumKeystore keystore, Function2<Boolean, Error, Unit> completion)

        verify the password of the EthereumKeystore

        pwd -
        • password string

        keystore -
        • EthereumKeystore object, this represents a standard Ethereum keystore file

        completion -
        • when check finished, it calls back to tell weather the password is correct or not, or the failing reason if it failed

      • generateKeystore

         Unit generateKeystore(String pwd, Function2<EthereumKeystore, Error, Unit> completion)

        create a new EthereumKeystore with password provided

        pwd -
        • password for the new EthereumKeystore

        completion -
        • when creation finished, it calls back to give the details of the new created keystore, or the error with failing reason

      • changePwd

         Unit changePwd(EthereumKeystore keystore, String oldPwd, String newPwd, Function2<EthereumKeystore, Error, Unit> completion)

        change password for the EthereumKeystore, and returns the new EthereumKeustore with that password

        keystore -
        • original EthereumKeystore

        oldPwd -
        • old password for the keystore

        newPwd -
        • new password for the new keystore

        completion -
        • when success, it calls back to tell the new generated EthereumKeystore, or the error with failing reason